As the army of habitat heroes grows, we want to provide as many resources as possible to find native plants.

We are in the process of developing a data base of native plant nurseries and could use your help.  If you know of a nursery promoting and selling native plants in your area not listed, drop us an email with the contact information and we will add. Another way you can help increase native plant availability is to request that your local nursery carry native plants.  As demand grows so too will our pollinator/wildlife friendly gardens!



Central Plains


Allendan Seed Company

Allendan Seed Company, Winterset, IA-One of the largest producers of native prairie grass and wildflower seed. Thousands of pounds wholesale and retail, are shipped all across the United States. Allendan Seed produces over 250 species of native grass and wildflowers.

Blooming Prairie Nursery

Blooming Prairie Nursery, Carlisle, IA-Blooming Prairie Nursery is a family-owned nursery specializing in growing and installing native Iowa prairie flowers. Our wildflowers are raised locally in Iowa creating stronger plants that thrive in their natural environment.

Broad View Wildflower Seed

Broad View Wildflower Seed, Grinnell, IA- Our core business is selling retail prairie wildflower
seed through our Internet store.  BVS is devoted to packaging high quality prairie
seed.  We do this by purchasing single species seed whose origins are in the Midwest. We buy from seed wholesalers where seed is tested for purity and germination.

Carl Kurtz

Carl Kurtz, St. Anthony, IA- We only supply mixed local ecotype tallgrass-prairie forb and grass seed. Mixtures contain about 60 species. Our marketing area is primarily central Iowa. 515-477-8364

Heyne Custom Seed Service

Heyne Custom Seed Service, Walnut, IA-  Conservation seed supplier.

WildDesigns Landscaping

WildDesigns Landscaping, Centerville, IA- We offer local ecotype prairie and savanna seed mixes as well as complete landscape design and installation services.  641-895-4846


DeLange Seed, Inc

DeLange Seed, Inc, Girard, KS – A family-owned regional seed company headquartered in Girard, Kansas, with satellite operations in Sedgwick and Maize, Kansas. We produce, condition, and distribute crop and field seeds as well as turf grasses, bird seeds, wildflowers, and wildlife habitat seeds.

Feyh Farm Seed Company

Feyh Farm Seed Company, Alma, KS–a family farm in Kansas producing native grasses, cool season grasses, millets and wildflowers. We have been in thewholesale grass seed business for nearly 20 years. Only recently have we offered our products to the end user. We are the largest smooth brome processor operating in North America, offering over 30 percent of all smooth brome seed produced.

Kansas Forest Service

Kansas Forest Service, Manhattan, KS-  785-532-3300

Kansas Native Plants

Kansas Native Plants, Topeka, KS- Landscaping with native wildflowers, grasses, trees and shrubs of Kansas.


Kansas Native Plants Consulting

Kansas Native Plants Consulting, Topeka, KS–Whether you have a small urban yard or you have a large rural property, the plants that exist on the site will be inventoried. Additions to improve your property will be proposed, such as adding a bed of native wildflowers to planting a hedge of native shrubs.

Kaw River Restoration Nurseries

Kaw River Restoration Nurseries, Baldwin, KS –  We supply hardy, local-genotype native seed, plants, shrubs and trees for native plant enthusiasts and companies of the greater Kansas/Missouri area.   Visit on FaceBook 

Sharp Bros. Seed Co.

Sharp Bros. Seed Co. , Healy, KS- Native grasses are our specialty! For all your Forage, Grass, Wildflowers, Alfalfa, Cover Crop needs in the Great Plains, you’re in the right place! Please have a look around! We sell over 200 seed species

Vinland Valley Nursery

Vinland Valley Nursery, Baldwin City, KS- Before we opened the nursery we were wildlife rehabbers and now offer a large selection of native plants in addition to educating with print materials like our butterfly gardening booklet, FB posts and the website blog. None of the plants we grow are treated with chemicals that harm bugs and birds and other wildlife, a thing we work extra hard to teach people about. We also only fertilize with organic plant food. Visit us on Facebook!



Critsite, Belton, MO- We have display gardens and conservation products for homeowners and large scale contractors.


Easy Living Wildflowers

Easy Living Wildflowers, Willow Springs MO–We supply native wildflower seeds and potted plants for home landscaping in the Midwestern and Eastern US. Follow on Facebook.

Forrest Keeling Nursery

Forrest Keeling Nursery, Elsberry, MO–grows over 97 varieties of seedlings, 22 species of oaks and 27 varieties of nut trees. We specialize in native plants. Follow on Facebook.

George O. White State Forest Nursery

George O. White State Forest Nursery, Licking, MO–offers Missouri residents a variety of seedlings for reforestation, windbreaks, erosion control and wildlife habitat. Follow on Facebook

Hamilton Native Outpost

Hamilton Native Outpost, Elk Creek, MO–native grasses and wildflowers for landscaping, habitat restoration, wildlife, and forage. Follow onamilton Native Outpost, Elk Creek, MO–native grasses and wildflowers for landscaping, habitat restoration, wildlife, and forage. Follow onamilton Native Outpost, Elk Creek, MO–native grasses and wildflowers for landscaping, habitat restoration, wildlife, and forage. Follow on Facebook.

Missouri Wildflowers Nursery

Missouri Wildflowers Nursery, Jefferson City, MO–native Missouri perennials, both seeds & plants. Our plants are nursery propagated. Missouri is the genetic origin. Follow on Facebook.

Prairie Hill Farm

Prairie Hill Farm, Auxvasse, MO- Specializing in native plants of Missouri.

Pure Air Natives

Pure Air Natives, Saint Louis, MO- Provides live plugs & seed mixes designed to be used in green infrastructure such as raingardens, dry detention basins, bioswales, and buffers.  Wholesale

Ripley County Farms

Ripley County Farms, Doniphan, MO – Provides bareroot seedlings for restoration.  Wholesale


Great Plains Nursery

Great Plains Nursery, Weston, NE-  We focus on growing high quality plants that are native or especially suited to our Midwest climate. Survival in nature requires genetic diversity & adaptability to environmental changes. With this in mind, we start our trees from seed collected from local provenances throughout the Great Plains.


Prairie Legacy

Prairie Legacy, Western, NE-  Contract growing of native plants.  Wholesale and Retail native trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses and wetland plants.



Shoestring Acres

Shoestring Acres, Lincoln, NE–Shoestring Acres is a native seed farm and prairie restoration project in Antelope County Nebraska.

Stockseed Farms

Stockseed Farms, Murcock, NE–Prairie Grass, Turfgrass and Wildflower Seeds

Great Lakes


Blazing Star Nursery

Blazing Star Nursery, Woodstock,IL- Offers seed of the prairiewoodland and wetland for the Northern Illinois area. We sell small seed packets for the gardener and landowner on-line, but ask us about larger amounts for special projects and plantings.

ecology + vision, llc.

ecology + vision, llc., Leland, IL—is a professional firm focused on offering ecological consultation and sustainable design solutions to municipalities and established professional design firms through our unique Greenline® review service and pre-construction & post-construction ecological services. In addition, ecology + vision, llc. offers full Sustainable Landscape Architecture services with a focus on maximizing your project’s LEED potential through innovative native landscape design. Our staff consists of Registered Landscape Architects and Ecologists specializing in native plants, naturalized landscapes and ecosystem restoration that can work seamlessly alongside your professional design staff. Follow Ecology + Vision on Facebook

Glacier Oaks Nursery

Glacier Oaks Nursery, Harvard, IL–dedicated to the preservation, restoration and regeneration of Oaks and other native woody plants. Follow on Facebook

Natural Communities Native Plants

Natural Communities Native Plants, Batavia, IL-Offering retail native plant sales & seed with simple online ordering & delivery, and sales at green events throughout the growing season. Providing a impressive selection of fairly priced woodland, wetland, and prairie plants, shrubs, and trees native to Chicago, Illinois & the Greater Midwest

Pizzo Native Plant Nursery

Pizzo Native Plant Nursery, 10729 Pine Road, Leland, IL 60531–Businesses and land owners are rapidly recognizing the value of creating sustainable landscape systems as trends indicate a shift towards long term solutions for natural resource management. Pizzo Native Plant Nursery is backed by 25 years experience in ecological restoration science and is known for supplying premier quality plant material for this market segment.We offer: Over 350 Species of regional and local eco-types. Follow Pizzo Native Plant Nursery on Facebook.

Possibility Place Nursery

Possibility Place Nursery, Monee, IL–We’ve specialized in growing plants native to Northern Illinois for 26 years. Follow on Facebook.

Possibility Place Nursery

Possibility Place Nursery, Monee, IL- Our specialty is growing native trees and shrubs that are indigenous to northeast Illinois. Ninety percent of our plants’ seed is collected in Northern Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

Red Stem Native Landscapes

Red Stem Native Landscapes, 1333 W. Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60660–We blend the principles of good design with knowledge of soils, hydrology, light conditions, and native plants to create unique and beautiful gardens full of life and ever-changing in color and form. Whether yours is a simple curbside planting or a larger outdoor space where hardscapes complement plantings, Red Stem’s mission is to make sure you are absolutely delighted with your new garden—and that you stay that way for years to come. Follow Red Stem Native Landscapes on Facebook

Simply Native Nursery

Simply Native Nursery, Alexis, IL- We specialize in Western IL/Eastern IA ecotype pollinator plants for prairie, woodland, and wetland forbs and grasses. We carry a wide range of plants beneficial to pollinators and specifically designed for Monarchs, Honeybees, and Hummingbirds.

Wasco Nursery & Garden Center

Wasco Nursery & Garden Center, Saint Charles, IL- We’ve been propagating, growing, selling, and advocating for the use of native plants for close to 30 years, first with The Natural Garden, Inc. and now with Wasco Nursery. We offer a large, excellent selection of Northern Illinois native forbs, grasses, ferns, vines, shrubs & trees; the majority is local ecotype. (Retail nursery/landscape/design and installation company)


Cardno Native Plant Nursery

Cardno Native Plant Nursery, Walkerton, IN– more than 350 species of native plant and seed in stock, in addition to genotype-specific seed. Our full-service native plant nursery can immediately provide native plant and seed material, from wetland and prairie seed mixes to the deep-rooted native plants critical for shoreline stabilization and erosion control.

Earth Source, Inc. Heartland Restoration Services

Earth Source, Inc. Heartland Restoration Services, Ft. Wayne, IN- We specialize in producing local-genotype native grasses, sedges, and forbs of wetland, prairie, savannah, and woodland species.

Eco Logic Nursery

Eco Logic Nursery, Bloomington, IN-Providing high quality ecological restoration services in the Midwest.  Order plants online.

Native Plants Unlimited

Native Plants Unlimited,Fishers, IN- provides a wide variety of 100% native plants and wildflowers through a spring sale to residents of central Indiana. We use select native plant growers to ensure the highest quality plants, true to species.

Naturally Native Nursery

Naturally Native Nursery, South Bend, IN–A full-scale garden and restoration nursery. We serve the upper Midwest with service and products found in few other places. Our primary reason for existence is to provide healthy native plants to homeowners, municipalities, schools, farmers and conservation organizations.

Riverview Nursery

Riverview Nursery, Northeastern Indiana- Riverview only offers native perennials, grasses, trees and shrubs, suitable for landscapes. 85% of the plants offered are local genotype and the rest are from this ecoregion. Check website for native plant sales.

Spence Restoration Nursery

Spence Restoration Nursery, Muncie, IN-Spence Restoration Nursery is a wholesale producer of midwest native herbaceous plugs and seeds of Ohio Valley and Great Lakes origins. We produce around 180 species of native plugs for wetland, prairie, and woodland understory situations.

Woody Warehouse Nursery

Woody Warehouse Nursery, Indiana-We are dedicated to developing dynamic root systems for the preservation of native hardwood trees. Ninety-five percent of the trees we grow are from seed collected by hand from native tree stands in our region. Order online.


American Roots Wildflowers

American Roots Wildflowers, Ortonville, MI–committed to being a Native Plant Nursery “ Of this Place” . We offer Woodland & Prairie Wildflowers, Grasses, Sedges, Ferns, Vines and a growing number of Shrubs.

Hidden Savanna Nursery

Hidden Savanna Nursery, Kalamazoo, MI–in southwest MI, plants that are native to our region. Nearly all of the plants we propagate will be Michigan genotype with most of our seed sources being located in southwestern Michigan.

Michigan Wildflower Farm

Michigan Wildflower Farm , Portland, MI- Producer of native Michigan wildflower and grass seed.  Our producing plants are from foundation seed collected in Michigan, most within one hundred fifty air miles from our farm in Ionia County.  The species collected were present before European settlement and insofar as it is possible to document, from sites which have not had plant materials introduced from other areas.

Miichigan Native Plant Producers Association

Miichigan Native Plant Producers Association–Together we grow and sell over 400 species of Michigan native plants and seeds, including, trees, shrubs, wildflowers, grasses, and ferns.

Native Connections

Native Connections, Three Rivers, MIAn ecological restoration firm in southern Michigan specializing in designing and supplying native seed mixes for small and large-scale projects on a variety of landscapes. Our commitment to improving and maintaining natural landscapes covers a diverse range of ecological services.

Native Plant Nursery

Native Plant Nursery, Ann Arbor, MI–We grow only local native species from Michigan seed sources and produce a diverse selection of native perennials and a few species of native trees and shrubs.

The Native Plant Nursery, LLC

The Native Plant Nursery, LLC, Ann Arbor, MI- We grow and sell plants native to Michigan, including regularly at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market. 

Wildtype Design, Native Plants & Seed

Wildtype Design, Native Plants & Seed, Mason, MI–specialize in growing plants native to Michigan, from Michigan genotypes. We grow trees, shrubs, grasses and wildflowers typical of Michigan woodlands, wetlands and prairies.


Cedar Hill Natives

Cedar Hill Natives, Stillwater, MN–We offer a variety of nursery-propagated wildflowers and grasses native to Minnesota and Wisconsin, and specialize in plants for use in prairie and woodland home landscapes, raingardens, and shoreline restorations.

Landscape Alternatives, Inc

Landscape Alternatives, Inc, Shafer, MN–a wide selection of high quality, nursery grown native wildflowers, grasses and other low maintenance perennials. Follow on Facebook

Minnesota Native Landscapes

Minnesota Native Landscapes, Otsego/Foley MN–We design and install naturalized landscape features that are biologically diverse, ecologically and historically accurate and aesthetically pleasing for corporate, municipal and private landowners. To ensure the best possible results for our customers, all installations are done using local ecotype seed and plant materials produced by local growers whenever available. Follow on Facebook

Morning Sky Greenery

Morning Sky Greenery, Morris, MN- We grow the vast majority of our native plants from seed. We take care to produce high quality native flowers and grasses that adapt easily to harsh environmental conditions.

Natural Shore

Natural Shore, Independence, MN- We provide plants for big commercial and small residential projects. For do-it-yourselfers, our friendly staff will consult with you and recommend appropriate plant species for your project. We also offer wholesale prices for larger projects.


Natural Shore Technologies

Natural Shore Technologies, Plain, MN–shoreland and wetland restoration, raingarden installation, maintenance, & natural resource consulting, as well as wholesale and retail sales of locally grown Minnesota Native plants. Follow on Facebook.

Naturally Wild

Naturally Wild, Minneapolis, MN–Naturally WILD works for and with the environment by providing native Minnesota wildflowers and grasses and other garden plants that are grown using only natural, sustainable, nonchemical methods.

Out Back Nursery

Out Back Nursery, Hastings, MN–we offer plants which occur naturally in the woodlands, floodplains, savannas, wetlands, shorelines, and prairies

Prairie Moon Nursery

Prairie Moon Nursery, Winona, MN–provides native seeds, plants to promote the propagation and restoration of native species. Follow on Facebook

Prairie Restorations

Prairie Restorations, Princeton, MN–Whether you are in need of a few plants for your butterfly garden, or looking for enough seed to plant 1,000 acres, PRI is your source for high quality, local origin seed and plants. Our diverse inventory includes seed, plants, trees, shrubs, seed mixes, sod flats and more – all suitable for a variety of habitat type’s. Follow on Facebook

Prairie Restorations/Boreal Natives

Prairie Restorations/Boreal Natives, Cloquet, MN–Utilizing locally grown native seed and plant materials, our experienced and professional crews create and maintain native landscapes for businesses, public sector organizations and homeowners across the region.

Restoration Nurseries

Restoration Nurseries, Prior Lake, MN–produces the highest-quality native, local-genotype seed, plants and trees available. Our seed is typically collected within a 150-mile radius of each of our nurseries.

Shooting Star Native Seeds

Shooting Star Native Seeds, Spring Grove, MN- We’re devoted to the restoration of the native prairie ecosystem, actively sourcing and supplying local ecotype, native seed for our customers.

Sunrise Native Plants

Sunrise Native Plants, Lindstrom, MN–Your Partner in Choosing Native Plants to Create Appealing Landscapes. Follow on Facebook.


Envirotech Consultants, Inc.

Envirotech Consultants, Inc. Somerset, OH–has expertise in a wide range of restoration projects, from stream restoration projects and wetland mitigation banks to native prairie restorations. To aid in our restorations, Envirotech grows over 150 species of native shrubs, prairie, and wetland plants.

Genius Loci

Genius Loci, Elyria, OH 44035–an ecologically focused design/build firm and native plant nursery committed to the design, installation, restoration and management of landscapes, an art and science we refer to as EcologicalPlanning and Design.

Native Ohio Plants, LLC

Native Ohio Plants, LLC, a nursery specializing in the propagation and sale of native Ohio trees and plants in the Tipp City, Ohio area.  All plants are container grown plants; most propagated from seed.  The inventory includes trees, shrubs, and wildflowers. Visits to the nursery can be made by appointment, however, watch for plant sales on our website, as open house sales and sales in the form of fund raisers for area parks or nature centers will be planned at various times during the year.

Natives in Harmony

Natives in Harmony, Marengo, OH–providing high-quality native Ohio annuals, biennials and perennials to help keep your landscape naturally native! We provide many state-listed as threatened species. All seed sources are in Ohio. Follow on Facebook.

Natives Roots

Natives Roots, Richfield, OH- We culitvate from our hand selected seeds many varieties of grasses, sedges, shrubs, and young trees.  Additionally, we grow many wildflower species that are hosts for bees, butterflies and other important wildlife.  Nursery hours limited, contact in advance. 330-309-4651

Nodding Onion Gardens

Nodding Onion Gardens, Columbia Station, OH–We propagate and raise a variety of wildflowers that are suitable for either: rain, prairie, woodland or pollinator gardens. To encourage diversity in our stock the majority of our plants are started from seed. We are striving to propagate wildflowers that provide nourishment for our native bees and pollinators. Follow on Facebook.

Ohio Prairie Nursery

Ohio Prairie Nursery, Hiram, OH–delivering high quality native wildflower and grass. We offer standard and custom seed mixes along with seed of individual wildflower and grass species. We also provide native plant material for restoration and stormwater control projects. Follow on Facebook.

Perennials Preferred

Perennials Preferred, Chesterland, OH- Native plants for butterflies, bees, and other wildlife, miniatures for trough and fairy gardens, small plants for rock gardens as well as a variety of uncommon and common perennials.

Scioto Gardens

Scioto Gardens, Delaware, OH-  Growing beautiful, beneficial, interesting, & unusual native and exotic plants. We strive to delight our customers with great plants that thrive in Central Ohio climates and enhance the environment. We promote sustainable environmental practices and the joy of continuous learning.


The Common Milkweed

The Common Milkweed, North Central Ohio-A wildlife haven, wildflower farm, land lab and folk art studio. We grow many types of plants native to the Eastern U.S. and make handmade goods.  Our Mission: To grow, create and live in a way that inspires each other and that benefits Mother Earth and her inhabitants.


Agrecol Native Nursery

Agrecol Native Nursery, Evansville, WI- Produces high quality native seed and plants and specialty erosion control systems.  Agrecols natives are grown from remnant foundation collections gathered primarily in southeastern Wisconsin. Our seed is certified by the Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association for purity, origin and germination.

Bluestem Farm

Bluestem Farm, Baraboo, WI– we grow high quality, diverse, local ecotype native plants and seeds, and draw on more than 30 years of ecological restoration experience to ensure that you get appropriate plants for your conditions.e plants for your conditions.

Dragonfly Gardens

Dragonfly Gardens, Amery/Turtle Lake, WI–We offer over 300 species of native wildflowers, grasses, ferns, shrubs, and trees. We specialize in providing plants for raingardens, prairie, forest, and lake edge restorations. The plants we offer tolerate conditions ranging from the driest, sunniest prairies, to shallow aquatic margins of lakes, ponds and streams, to the cool, deep shade beneath a dense forest canopy.

Johnson’s Nursery

Johnson’s Nursery, Menomonee Falls, WI-Many of our native plants are grown from wild collected, local seed. These ecotypes are adaptable to our soils and climate. They offer a wide array of colors, fragrances and other attributes that rival many introduced species.

Kinnickinnic Natives

Kinnickinnic Natives, River Falls, WI–We feature a variety of plants that are native to the Kinnickinnic River area. There are many for multiple purposes including: prairies, rain gardens and home gardens. Follow on Facebook.

Prairie Nursery

Prairie Nursery, Westfield, WI–native perennial plants and seeds. Prairie Nursery has been providing the highest quality native plants and seeds since 1972. Focused on nursery propagation of native plants, we specialize in natives that range from the midwestern prairies to the eastern woodlands and ship to all 50 states nationwide through our online store. Our wide selection includes grasses, sedges, wildflowers, ferns and shrubs — with new species being added every year. Pre-planned gardens and seed mixes for virtually any growing condition are also available. Follow on Facebook.

Sparrow Land Planning

Sparrow Land Planning, Oxford, WI–a design build landscaping company that focuses on using native plants. Follow on Facebook.

Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries

Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries, Brodhead, WI produces the highest-quality native, local-genotype seed, plants and trees available. Our seed is typically collected within a 150-mile radius of each of our nurseries.



Delaware Native Plant Society Nursery

Delaware Native Plant Society Nursery, Dover, DE–dedicated to growing primarily trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants that are native to the Delmarva Peninsula. A large percentage of our plants are grown from seed that is locally collected on Delmarva by volunteers.

Friends of the University of Delaware Botanical Gardens holds a plant sale each year in spring and fall. Included in the sale are many native plants.

Gateway Garden Center

Gateway Garden Center, Hockessin, DE- is a family owned and operated garden center dedicated to your gardening success. We are especially proud of our broad selection of perennials, native plants and aquatics.

Inland Bays Garden Center

Inland Bays Garden Center,  Frankford DE- Our motto is “gardening to make a difference” and our goal is to educate customers on the importance of using native plants in their landscape.

Shelterwood Farm,

Shelterwood Farm, Hartly, DE- Growing native evergreen trees which include pine, fir, and spruce. All trees are either grown from seed or seedlings, which are acclimated to this area. All trees are specimen trees and are sheared. The nursery site is non-irrigated, resulting in a hardy and drought resistant tree.

Sussex Landscaping LLC

Sussex Landscaping LLC, 22380 Bunting Road, Georgetown, De- specializing in native plants all grown from seed. We are located in Georgetown, Delaware and grow thousands of natives each year. We also specialize in pollinator plantings, mitigation plantings and rain gardens. 302-236-0470 Follow on Facebook.


Dropseed Native Plant Nursery

Dropseed Native Plant Nursery, Goshen, KY–We grow local native plants and seed for ecological restoration projects and home landscapes. We also provide consulting, design, installation and management services.

Ironweed Native Plant Nursery

Ironweed Native Plant Nursery, 203 S. High St, Columbia, KY–Ironweed NP Nursery has the goal of making native plants, grown from Kentucky seed, available to those interested in restoring diversity, & supporting pollinators and native birds.

Roundstone Native Seed

Roundstone Native Seed, Upton, Ky. 42784–From initial selection and hand collection of foundation seed and garden size production plots, Roundstone has grown to thousands of acres in seed production and to being one of the largest producers of native seed in the East.

Shade Flowers

Shade Flowers, 977 Daws Ridge Rd, Nancy Ky. 42544–selling forest grown North American native forest perennials and wildflowers.

Springhouse Gardens

Springhouse Gardens, Nicholasville, KY- Major supplier of native plants in the Central Kentucky area.


Adkins Arboretum

The Native Plant Nursery at Adkins Arboretum,Ridgely, MD- boasts the area’s largest selection of native landscape-quality trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, ferns, and vines, all ready to take home to your garden

American Native Plants

American Native Plants  Perry Hall, MD  We have provided millions of plants native to the mid-Atlantic region that help restore our natural environment. We have supplied high quality plant material to landscapers and contractors from our inventory of over 400,000 trees, shrubs, herbaceous, and aquatic plants. Our selection of native plants are available almost year round for pick-up from our Maryland nursery or by shipment to your next project. Wholesale

Babikow Greenhouses

Babikow Greenhouses  Baltimore, MD- Our mission of  is to enhance the quality of people’s lives by producing sustainable plants that thrive in local landscapes. Wholesale

Behnke Nurseries

Behnke Nurseries, Beltsville, MD- We mark our native plants as “bay safe”  and provide materials supporting the planting of native plants.

Chesapeake Natives, Inc

Chesapeake Natives, Inc,Upper Marlboro, MD– We are a small volunteer-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to propagating, protecting, and promoting plants native to the Chesapeake Bay watershed. By appointment only.

Clear Ridge Nursery, Inc.

Clear Ridge Nursery, Inc., Union Bridge, MD- Growing native trees and shrubs for conservation, reforestation, and restoration projects. Wholesale.

Elms Native Plant Nursery

Elms Native Plant Nursery, Dameron, MD –a non-profit community service program of the Elms Environmental Education Center and St. Mary’s County Public Schools. The nursery’s mission is to promote the transformation of community landscapes from primarily non-native environments to primarily native, ecologically useful habitats by providing free or low cost native plant material. Plant material is available free of charge for all school based projects where students are involved and directly benefit from the project.

Environmental Concern, St. Michaels

Environmental Concern, St. Michaels, MD–the nation’s first wholesale wetland plant nursery. In addition to operating as a wholesale nursery to the industry, the nursery is an integral part of EC’s education and research endeavors. Currently, EC cultivates approximately 120 wetland plant species that are native to the Northeast US and has the ability to propagate over 200 species.

Herring Run Nursery

Herring Run Nursery, Baltimore, MD–a program of Blue Water Baltimore. A non-profit nursery, we grow native plants for stream restorations and for residential and commercial customers. We specialize in shrubs, perennials and trees native to Maryland.

Homestead Gardens

Homestead Gardens, Davidsonville, MD- Offering beautiful native plants, which provide aesthetic value to the homeowner, and habitat value for pollinators, birds and beneficial insects.

Kollar Nursery

Kollar Nursery, Pylesville, MD- specializes in container grown trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants, native to Maryland and the eastern U.S.

Lauren’s Garden Service Native Plant Nursery

Lauren’s Garden Service Native Plant Nursery, Glenwood, MD- We are a small nursery offering locally grown  (most to Maryland Piedmont) native plants. Open Mon- Thurs 8am-4pm & by appointment on evenings & weekends. We have a few larger sales each spring & fall. Experienced gardeners are on site to help with your plant selections. Spring off site native plants sales benefit local eco-friendly groups. Check website or facebook for update sales events.

New Jersey

Clemenson Farms Native Nursery

Clemenson Farms Native Nursery, Estell Manor NJ–For the last 15 years, Arnold Clemenson and his family have provided quality native plants to landscapers, nurseries, municipalities, and developers throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast United States.

D&R Greenway’s Native Plant Nursery

D&R Greenway’s Native Plant Nursery, Princeton, NJ– is dedicated to restoring a rich diversity of native flora to the local landscape. We supply local genotypes of indigenous plants for ecological restoration and to the general public.

Earth First Native Plant Nursery and Gifts

Earth First Native Plant Nursery and Gifts, Egg Harbor City, NJ–mission is to combat habitat degradation and protect wildlife by heightening awareness and promoting the use of native plants in the home garden.

Goshen Gardens

Goshen Gardens, Cape May Court House, NJ- A 30 acre permaculture Farm and Nursery. We have 10 acres of mature mixed forest habitat and 7 acre blue stem grass field for native habitat as well. We have many mature trees in the food forest like oaks,hickories, american holly. eastern red cedar, and black cherry.  We have also started a nursery growing backyard habitat plants.The plants for sale are container grown.

New Moon Nursery

New Moon Nursery, Bridgeton, NJ–wholesale propagation nursery focused on offering Eastern native plant species.

Pinelands Nursery and Supply

Pinelands Nursery and Supply, Columbus, NJ–Wholesale only, one of the largest native plant nurseries in the US, supplying millions of plants for environmental restorations throughout the Mid-Atlantic States.

Steinbeiser’s Farm and Native Plant Nursery

Steinbeiser’s Farm and Native Plant Nursery, Frenchtown, NJ–We carry locally grown B&B native plant material and container stock. When possible, we grow our nursery stock from locally collected seeds and cuttings, we feel this produces plants that are better adapted to our local ecosystems.

Toadshade Wildflower Farm

Toadshade Wildflower Farm, Frenchtown, NJ–a family run Mail Order Nursery featuring Nursery Grown and Propagated Native Plants and Seeds.

Wild Ridge Plants

Wild Ridge Plants, Pohatcong, NJ– Our family-owned nursery propagates local eco-type native plants for restoration, landscaping, and permaculture. We use chemical-free methods. Retail and wholesale.


Aquatic Resource Restoration Company

Aquatic Resource Restoration Company, Seven Valleys, PA-We offer variety of trees, shrubs and wetland plants that are native to the Northeast. We offer wholesale, retail and services geared towards wetland mitigation, stream restoration, wildlife habitat, reforestation, post construction storm water management.


ArcheWild, Quakertown, PA–ecological restoration and sustainable landscape services firm and we operate one of the most diverse native plant nurseries in the northeast United States.

Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve’s Native Plant Nursery

Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve’s Native Plant Nursery, New Hope, PA- Open April-October. We offer over 200 species of high-quality native wildflowers, vines, ferns, shrubs and trees are offered for sale throughout the growing season. Most perennial species are propagated in our nursery facility from our own plant collection.

Collins Nursery

Collins Nursery, Glenside, PA– specializes in container grown plants that are native to the mid-Atlantic region. Our plants are propagated from locally collected seed whenever possible. All of our plants are straight species making them suitable for both gardens and ecological restoration.

Doyle Farm Nursery

Doyle Farm Nursery, Delta, PA-The native plants that the nursery offers are mostly seed-sown (seeds we collect regionally, or from native plant seed sources). Other plants (cultivars) we buy from native growers. We offer only herbaceous plants. 717/862-3134

Edge of the Woods Native Plant Nursery

Edge of the Woods Native Plant Nursery, Orefield, PA– We grow a diverse selection of plants for the home landscaper as well as for natural area restoration in the Lehigh valley.

Ernst Conservation Seeds

Ernst Conservation Seeds, Meadville, PA–We were founded in the early 1960s to meet the need for soil conservation along our interstate highways. Since that time, we have changed with the need of the soil and water conservation industry.
We are determined to provide our customers with the best native and naturalized seeds available.

Gino’s Nursery and Landscaping

Gino’s Nursery and Landscaping, Wrightstown, PA–specializes in the growing, sales and installation of Native and Wildlife friendly plants.

Go Native Tree Farm

Go Native Tree Farm, Lancaster, PA–Dedicated to the understanding, preservation, and recovery of the Eastern American forest

Good Host Plants

Good Host Plants, Philadelphia, PA- We sell straight species native plants with genetics of local provenance to the Mid-Atlantic, as well as select native cultivars and rare species – all best bests for attracting butterflies, moths, bees, other beneficial insects, and songbirds.

Groffs Plant Farm

Groffs Plant Farm, Kirkwood, PA–We are very proud of our extensive collection of annuals, perennials, shrubs and vegetable starts. We also specialize in garden-worthy native plants.

Mid Atlantic Natives Plant Farm

Mid Atlantic Natives Plant Farm, New Freedom, PA–northeast native trees, shrubs, perennials & wetland plants with a focus on native plants of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed geographic region.

Natural Landscapes Nursery

Natural Landscapes Nursery, West Grove, PA–Grow plants native to the eastern U.S. All plants grown are hardy in S.E. Pennsylvania. Specialize in small trees, variety of shrubs, native azaleas.

North Creek Nurseries

North Creek Nurseries, Landenburg, PA- North Creek strives to promote sustainable outdoor environments. As a wholesale propagation nursery, we specialize in growing starter plants or plugs of perennials, ornamental grasses, ferns, vines and shrubs with an emphasis on Eastern US native plants.

Northeast Natives & Perennials

Northeast Natives & Perennials, Quakertown, PA–specializing in growing and selling perennial plants mostly native to the Northeastern U.S. Founded in 2006, we enjoy educating the public and our customers of the great benefits of incorporating native plants in to their landscapes.

Nurturing Nature Nursery

Nurturing Nature Nursery, Emigsville, PA A retail native plant nursery growing perennial flowers and shrubs, indigenous to the mid-atlantic region and the U.S. Dedicated to supplying and educating consumers on the importance of how native plants play an important role in the ecosystem.  

Octoraro Farm and Gardens

Octoraro Farm and Gardens, Nottingham , PA–specializing in native plants with an emphasis on wildflowers, ferns, species deciduous azaleas, rhododendrons and blueberries.

Octoraro Native Plant Nursery

Octoraro Native Plant Nursery, Kirkwood, PA- We are a wholesale nursery, specializing in container-grown mid-Atlantic and Eastern regional native trees and shrubs, selling to the environmental restoration and conservation “trade”.

Redbud Native Plant Nursery

Redbud Native Plant Nursery, Glen Mills, PA–excellent quality container grown native plants including trees, shrubs, grasses, vines, ferns, wildflowers and aquatic plants for the mid-Atlantic region.

Spring Haven Natives

Spring Haven Natives, Newburg, PA–We specialize in native woodland plants and shade perennials. The majority of our plants are nursery propagated, grown either in propagation beds or in our gardens.

Sylva Native Nursery and Seed Company

Sylva Native Nursery and Seed Company, Glen Rock, PA–a wholesale native plant nursery for landscape designers, restoration, contractors, retail nurseries and other businesses that purchase bulk quantities of plants. For use in: Reforestation, Wetland Mitigation, Streambank and Riparian Restoration, Native Grasslands & Wildflower Meadows

Sylvania Natives

Sylvania Natives, Pittsburgh, PA–We exclusively grow and sell perennials, shrubs and small trees native to Western Pennsylvania. We grow all of our own perennials and many shrubs from local seed we collect in the wild. All our plants are grown outside with the seasons.

The Wilderness Greenhouse

The Wilderness Greenhouse, Diakon Youth Services, Boiling Springs, PA- We are a teaching nursery, specializing in native perennials. Since 2014, we’ve been a native plant resource for central Pennsylvania, both retail and wholesale. Our students work hard to make over 200 species available. Open seasonally and by appointment.

Wetland Supply Company

Wetland Supply Company, Apollo, PA–specialize in plants for wetland restoration. We have since expanded our product line to include a huge selection of native plants and seed for a wide variety of habitats.

Yellow Springs Farm

Yellow Springs Farm, Chester Springs, PA–cultivate and sell the top native plants in PA and Mid-Atlantic states.


Earth Sangha

Earth Sangha, Fairfax, VA–provides a comprehensive and genetically appropriate plant supply for ecological restoration in the Washington, DC, region. The nursery propagates about 250 species of native trees, shrubs, vines, and herbaceous plants. All plants are grown from local, wild seed that we collect.

Garden Gate Landscape & Design, LLC

Garden Gate Landscape & Design, LLC, Montpelier, VA- Specializes in designing sustainable landscapes using native plants.  The Native Nursery was also established to provide locally raised plants native to Virginia.  These are raised without the use of chemicals and pesticides. I have a growing selection of natives that are grown from locally collected seed or propagated from local stock.


Hill House Farm and Nursery

Hill House Farm and Nursery, Castleton, VA–we grow high-quality native plants for gardens, landscape restoration projects and habitat creation. Our goal is to help you create harmonious gardens and diversity-rich landscapes, and to preserve and restore our natural ecosystems by doing so. We sell only our own nursery-grown plants that come from seed or division, or are propagated vegetatively—never wild-collected.

Hummingbird Hill Native Plant Nursery

Hummingbird Hill Native Plant Nursery, Crozet, Virginia- We offer a large selection of quality container grown native plants including wildflowers, ferns, shrubs, grasses and vines for the mid-Atlantic region. We grow species that are adapted to the climate and soils that naturally occur in Virginia. We use organic, natural growing methods so our plants are safe for the environment, safe for people and safe for visiting pollinators, butterflies, hummingbirds, songbirds and other wildlife.

Morningside Farm & Nursery

Morningside Farm & Nursery, Boston, VA- We have served the gardeners, horticulturists, and native-plant lovers of Virginia and Washington, D.C. for over 21 years.

Nature by Design

Nature by Design, Alexandria, VA–By rethinking the role of the urban or suburban yard – selecting low-maintenance, environmentally responsible plants and other materials, and placing them with care, we can all enjoy the benefits of sustainable landscaping on the largest and smallest properties.

Piedmont Nursery LLC

Piedmont Nursery LLC, Northern Fauquier County, VA- Piedmont Nursery offers native trees, shrubs and perennials and landscaping to homeowners and landscaping, products and services for commercial and government restoration and reforestation efforts.

Sassafras Farm Native Wildflowers

Sassafras Farm Native Wildflowers, Hayes, VA–We offer about 120 species of perennials native to the mid-Atlantic and Va Society of Landscape Designers certified consultation and design using natives to create wildlife friendly gardens.

Watermark Woods

Watermark Woods, Hamilton, VA- As we volunteered with Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy and the Audubon at Home programs it became clear to us that making native plants more readily available to the people of Loudoun County was the way to make a difference in our community.

White House Natives

White House Natives, Luray, VA–dedicated to the production of quality nursery stock for the landscape industry of Virginia. Unlike most nurseries though, White House Natives is committed to only the growing and harvesting of plant materials that are native to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Over 85 Virginia native species of trees

Wood Thrush Natives

Wood Thrush Natives, Floyd, VA– Our nursery is dedicated to discovering, growing, and promoting rare and unusual plants that are native to the Appalachian region.We are a small, retail-only, mail-order nursery.  You may visit by making an appointment.

Washington DC

West Virginia

Clements State Tree Nursery

Clements State Tree Nursery, 624 Forestry Drive, West Columbia, WV 25287–sells seedlings to landowners and businesses in West Virginia and its surrounding states for the purposes of reforestation, coal mine reclamation, wildlife cover and Christmas tree production. Most of the seedling species are native to West Virginia and all are genetically suitable for success not only in West Virginia, but also in the neighboring states.

Winston Gardens Nursery

Winston Gardens Nursery, 1121 Hollida Lane, Martinsburg, WV 25401–30+ varieties of native trees & shrubs, potted up and available for immediate planting in your garden

New England


Earth Tones Native Plant Nursery

Earth Tones Native Plant Nursery, Woodbury, CT–a native plant nursery that offers grasses, ferns, perennials, shrubs and trees that are native to New England.

Natureworks Garden Center

Natureworks Garden Center, Northford, CT- We LOVE native plants. Throughout the growing season we regularly stock native perennials, woodland wildflowers, meadow flowers, shrubs, trees, grasses, even a few annuals and bulbs! There are native plants for sun, shade, wet soil, dry soil, and everything in between.

Perennial Harmony Garden & Landscape

Perennial Harmony Garden & Landscape, East Lyme, CT-A Chemical Free Garden Center. NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association) Organic Land Care Standards are followed. We carry trees, shrubs, perennials, herbs & seeds. Landscape Contractor specializing in environmentally responsible and low maintenance plantings.


Burnt Meadow Nursery

Burnt Meadow Nursery, Brownfield, ME–a propagation nursery specializing in shrubs and trees native to the Northeast. We wholesale starter plugs or “liners”that are grown out at other nurseries along with larger material that is planted directly into habitat restorations, wildlife plantings and landscapes.

Fernwood Nursery & Gardens

Fernwood Nursery & Gardens, 58 North Ridge Rd, Montville ME, 04941–a specialty nursery in midcoast Maine focusing on native and woodland plants hardy to this area. We have one of the largest collections of shade tolerant plants in New England. Most of the plants are propagated here at the nursery, especially the natives. We also grow many plants from other parts of the world that have proven to do well in our climate.

Fieldstone Gardens, Inc.

Fieldstone Gardens, Inc.,  Vassalboro, ME- Mail order listing hundreds of Northern-grown perennials and native wildflowers of the New England region.

Native Haunts

Native Haunts, Alfred, ME–We grow trees, shrubs, and perennials including ferns and sedges,that are native to Maine and New England.

Pierson Nurseries

Pierson Nurseries, Biddeford, ME–We specialize in herbaceous and woody wetland and native plants used in commercial, residential mitigation, restoration, and creation of wetland areas.


Helia Native Nursery

Helia Native Nursery, Great Barrington, Massachusetts-  Our purpose is to provide Berkshire County and beyond with a small nursery that specializes in native plants as well as inspire people to engage with nature on every level. Former home of Project Native.

Nasami Farm

Nasami Farm, Whately, MA–the native plant nursery and sanctuary of New England Wild Flower Society, is located on 75-acres

New England Wild Flower Society

New England Wild Flower Society, Framingham, MA- Our mission is to conserve and promote the region’s native plants to ensure healthy, biologically diverse landscapes.

Sudbury Nurseries West, LLC.

Sudbury Nurseries West, LLC., Gill, MA-A wholesale nursery selling only to the professional trade. We specialize in the production of woody and herbaceous native plants as well as specimen field grown evergreens and trees and shrubs.

Tripple Brook Farm

Tripple Brook Farm, Southampton, MA- Natives at Tripple Brook are available in a great range of sizes, shapes, appearances, flower color and time, fragrances, and other characteristics. We carry plants suitable for a wide range of growing conditions and to suit a variety of uses.

Turkey Hill Brook Farm

Ellen Sousa, Turkey Hill Brook Farm, Spencer, MA- Garden coaching and eco-friendly landscape design services in Massachusetts, along with eastern native plants for sale.Farm tours are available to gardening and nature groups.

New Hampshire

Found Well Farm

Found Well Farm, 730 Borough Road, Pembroke, NH 03275–Native plants are in demand because of the vital role they play in maintaining and restoringecosystems. Development and environmental pressures have compromised or destroyed many areas of native vegetation, therefore we strive to provide locally raised or disease-resistant varieties that will enhance our unique New Hampshire countryside.

NH State Forest Nursery

NH State Forest Nursery, 405 D.W. Highway, Boscawen, NH 03303–mission is to grow and distribute quality, bare-root seedlings for forestry, conservation, and education purposes. To ensure seedling quality and respond to market demands and forest health concerns, a tree improvement research and development effort is maintained. Percentage of native plants 50%

Van Berkum Nursery

Van Berkum Nursery, 4 James Rd, Deerfield, NH 03037–Wholesale only. We are a family-run wholesale nursery with 800 varieties of perennials: natives, groundcover, meadows and unusual plants. We have a park-like setting in central NH, with clear signage, display borders, an informative catalog and a great website.

New York

Amanda’s Garden

Amanda’s Garden, Sparta, NY–We propagate and grow many species of native perennials by seed, division, cuttings and spores from plants specifically grown as stock propagation plants. Our many years of native perennial propagation have led to high quality, affordable plants. We specialize in woodland native perennials. We also grow a variety of prairie and wetland plants.

Catskill Native Nursery

Catskill Native Nursery, Kerhonkson NY–We believe that gardening with local native plants is essential to providing a regional identity to a designed landscape and anchoring a house to its natural surroundings. By considering all these factors, we believe we are helping to maintain and preserve the natural beauty and balance of the local landscape.

Fiddlehead Creek Farm & Native Plant Nursery

Fiddlehead Creek Farm & Native Plant Nursery, Hartford, NY – Fiddlehead Creek grows native plants for sustainable landscapes. The nursery specializes innatives for rain gardens and shoreline buffers to protect the water quality of our local waters. The nursery also carries a wide variety of other native plants including natives for bird and butterfly gardens, ferns and spring ephemerals, and much more.

Fort Pond Native Plants

Fort Pond Native Plants, Montauk, NY- Created over 20 years ago when Jim saw the need for a place where one could find native and less common, quality plant material. In the process, he also gave the Do-It-Yourself gardener a place to go to learn about unique and organic approaches to gardening.

Native Landscapes and Garden Center

Native Landscapes and Garden Center, Pawling, NY–We chose native plants over exotic species because natives have adapted to our soils and climate. They require less, if any, pesticides and fertilizers, are more deer resistant, and once established, are more drought tolerant.

The Fernery

The Fernery, Hartwick, NY- 100% NY native ferns and woodland plants.

The Plantsmen Nursery

The Plantsmen Nursery– Groton, NY, We combine extensive professional nursery and landscape experience with real, progressive environmental practices. We are involved with many events including the Ithaca Native Landscape Symposium (founded by The Plantsmen) All original photos & ideas, Dan’s presentations are based on horticulture & our ecology with unique perspectives on sustainable nursery and landscape practices.  The overall aim is to articulate the voice of native plants calling to us from their habitats, in the real world.


White Oak Nursery

White Oak Nursery, Canandaigua, NY–propagating and growing over 80 species of native shade trees and native flowering shrubs.

WildThings Rescue Nursery

WildThings Rescue Nursery, Valley Falls, NY–Our main focus is on North American Native Woodland Plants.

Rhode Island

Blue Moon Farm

Blue Moon Farm, 173 Saugatucket Rd, Wakefield, RI–Blue Moon Farm spin unusual perennials and sustainable plants. We offer a diverse selection of perennials, grasses, and ferns, with an increasing quantity of native plants.

Botanical Creations

Botanical Creations, West Kingston, RI–We are family owned and operated nursery and landscape company. We have quite a variety of native plants!

Good Earth Organic Gardening Center

Good Earth Organic Gardening Center, Cranston, RI–A full service Garden Center and Organic Farm where you’ll find everything to meet your organic gardening needs and our own delicious Organic produce.


Cady’s Falls Nursery

Cady’s Falls Nursery, 637 Duhamel Rd. Morrisville, Vt. 05661–family-operated, retail nursery in northern Vermont. Some of the distinctive plants we propagate include dwarf and weeping conifers, native ladyslippers, native ferns, bog plants, aquatics, alpines, cacti.

Champlain Valley Native Plant Restoration Nursery

Champlain Valley Native Plant Restoration Nursery, PO Box 209, Poultney, VT, 05764–Wholesale. The mission of the nursery is to produce high quality container-grown seedlings from local seed stock for restoration and buffer plantings in the Champlain Valley.

Elmore Roots Nursery

Elmore Roots Nursery, 631 Symonds Mill Rd., Elmore VT, 05680–Nursery and Fruit Grove Displays. With our 30 years of testing what does well in our Northern Vermont climate (and what doesn’t), we only sell varieties that have proven themselves to do well here. We propagate many of our plants from our own orchards.

River Berry Farm

River Berry Farm, 191 Goose Pond Road, Fairfax, VT 05454–A family owned organic small fruit and vegetable farm operating on the Lamoille RiverPassionate about garden design for enhancing pollinator habitat and is determined to help gardeners make plant and design choices by providing information and plants at River Berry Farm

The Intervale Center

The Intervale Center – 180 Intervale Road – Burlington, Vermont 05401–founded in 2002 and is dedicated to growing native, locally sourced trees and shrubs for throughout Vermont. Our plants are grown in an ecologically sound manner without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. The Nursery works with landowners, farmers, watershed organizations and government agencies to restore and protect Vermont’s waters.

Vermont Wetland Plant Supply Nursery

Vermont Wetland Plant Supply Nursery, P.O. Box 153, Orwell, VT 05760–Wholesale. Grows plants for the stormwater and ecological restoration industries. In two greenhouses and 14 trench ponds in clay-plain soils at the southern end of
Lake Champlain, we grow 97 native species of trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants for wetlands from Lake Champlain to the heights of the Green Mountains.



Draggin’ Wing Farm

Draggin’ Wing Farm, Boise, ID–We offer a wide selection of native and regionally adapted ornamental plants for water-conserving landscapes. Our plants are all perennials (with a couple exceptions), selected for beauty, cold-hardiness and low maintenance as well as drought-tolerance.

Franklin H. Pitkin Forest Nursery

Franklin H. Pitkin Forest Nursery, Moscow, ID–production container nursery that produces nearly 400,000 seedlings annually, including over 50 species of conifers, hardwoods and shrubs. We are also a hands-on teaching facility, giving our student employees the opportunity to understand the processes of selecting seedlings for restoration, reforestation and conservation.

John Crock Learning Nursery

John Crock Learning Nursery, Moscow, ID- We are located at the Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute (PCEI) Nature Center. The nursery offers a variety of native Palouse Prairie plants, with 20+ species of native shrub and tree. The plants are also used at restoration sites across the Palouse-Clearwater region.  The Nursery is open to the public for retail sales during normal business hours.

North Fork Native Plants

North Fork Native Plants, Rexburg, ID–Wholesale. Specializes in innovative products for the restoration, reclamation and landscaping industries. Our products include WETLAND SOD, bare root wetland plants, deep rooted willows, custom grown coir logs, wildlife islands, containerized native plants and custom growing services.

Sun Mountain Natives

Sun Mountain Natives, Moscow, ID- We are a native seed company specializing in hand-collected native species.  We collect  seeds from wildflowers, forbs, grasses, wetland species, shrubs and trees. We take pride in responsible collecting with respect to the natural setting. Together, with our customers, we help restore native plant communities throughout the region.

Thorn Creek Native Seed Farm

Thorn Creek Native Seed Farm, 1461 Thorn Creek Road, Genesee, ID83832–a farm where the native plants and the people are deeply-rooted to the land. We are a 3rd generation family farm bringing you quality native seeds and deep-rooted native plants from the Palouse Prairie of the Inland Northwest.


Aurora Nursery, Inc.

Aurora Nursery, Inc., Aurora, OR- (Wholesale) Situated on 50 acres of rich Wilamette Valley soil. Aurora Nursery is a grower of Northwest natives and wetland plants.

Clearwater Native Plant Nursery

Clearwater Native Plant Nursery, Redmond, OR–wholesale nursery specializing in the propagation of native plants of central Oregon for ecological restoration and native landscaping.

Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation- Tribal Native Plant Nursery

Tribal Native Plant Nursery, Mission, OR- We are a production native plant nursery. We collect wild seed on site, then pre-treat seed to overcome specific dormancy issues, we then grow plants in 10 cubic inch and larger containers for customer purchase and outplanting.  Our nursery supplies local native plant species for use in restoration, mitigation, nativescaping, and xeriscaping.

Deschutes Native Seed Resources

Deschutes Native Seed Resources, Bend, OR- All seeds are hand collected and or grown here on site at our native plant nursery. We do custom seed mixes as well as specialty orders and varieties. We also sell dried herbs, materials for teas, local Indian Tobacco, and process Lavender, Juniper, Sagebrush, and Sweetgrass Oil on site.

Doak Creek Native Plant Nursery

Doak Creek Native Plant Nursery–We carry a wide variety of natives, anywhere from groundcovers and shrubs to trees in varied sizes and flowers. Follow on Facebook

Echo Valley Natives

Echo Valley Natives, Oregon City, OR–Growers of plants native to the Pacific Northwest. Our close proximity to both woodlands and the Abernathy creek allows us the unique opportunity of having naturally occurring demonstration gardens. In addition, we have added beds and potted plantings around the nursery in various micro-climates to demonstrate how native plants might be used.

Humble Roots Farm and Nursery

Humble Roots Farm and Nursery, Mosier, OR- We are an all native plant nursery in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. Humble Roots provides ethically propagated native plants of the Pacific Northwest to home owners, farmers, gardeners, landscapers, schools, community groups, soil & water conservation groups, non-profits, and federal agencies.  We work with all of these groups to educate people about native plants and their conservation.

Native Foods Nursery

Native Foods Nursery, Dexter, OR- (Mail-order) Specializing in rare, native edible plants for the Sustainable Gardener.   Our resilient perennials have been carefully chosen for greatest edibility and landscape beauty, as well as natural low-maintenance and ease of care.

Pacific NW Natives

Pacific NW Natives, 1525 Laurel Heights Drive NW, Albany, OR–Contract producer and marketer of native grass, forbs, wildflowers, sedge and rush seed species origin West of the Cascade Mountain Range. We have worked with public and private agencies for over 20 years enhancing upland, riparian and wetland native species habitat.

Plant Oregon Nursery

Plant Oregon Nursery, Talent, OR–From large, specimen trees and native plants to small, ready-to-plant restoration species, Plant Oregon’s nursery is filled to the brim with thousands of happy, healthy trees and shrubs that are perfect for all of your landscaping needs in the Pacific Northwest.

Portland Nursery

Portland Nursery, Portland, OR-We offer a great selection of Northwest Natives from spring through fall. Pacific Northwest native plants are not just beautiful, they are functional too. Planting natives is the best place to start when the goal is restoring ecosystems, attracting wildlife and supporting pollinators.

Sunmark Seeds

Sunmark Seeds, Portland, Oregon- Native plant seed provider. Sunmark is in business to provide products and ideas to protect, enhance and create native plant communities providing biodiversity that adds value to our natural areas, while enhancing and protecting the environment in which we live.

The Native Seed Network

The Native Seed Network, Corvallis, OR–a resource for both the restoration community and the native seed industry, providing powerful search tools and information on all aspects of native seed.

Wintercreek Restoration & Nursery

Wintercreek Restoration & Nursery, Bend, Oregon- Our purpose and our mission has always been to promote the use of native plants in landscaping and land management.  For the past 20 years we have worked to expand the knowledge of our customers and develop native plant landscaping as an essential segment of the landscape and nursery industries.


Derby Canyon Natives

Derby Canyon Natives, Peshastin, WA, Derby Canyon Natives grows over 120 species of plants native to Central Washington for use in environmental restoration and landscaping. Trees, shrubs, wildflowers and grasses are grown from seed and cuttings collected in the region and are available in a range of container sizes.

Desert Jewels Nursery

Desert Jewels Nursery, Spokane, WA–offers locally grown, locally adapted hardy perennials and shrubs. Our specialty is drought adapted plants, in particular regional, western and midwestern native plants. We also have a large collection of succulents.

Fourth Corner Nurseries

Fourth Corner Nurseries, Bellingham, WA–a wholesale grower of native plants with 40 acres currently under production. Our core focus is the preservation of genetic diversity within the 500 or so species we routinely propagate and grow; over 95% of what we produce is propagated from carefully collected seedsources.

Go Natives! Nursery

Go Natives! Nursery, Richmond Beach, WA–offers over 150 species of native plants from the Pacific NW. We work with small wholesalers from Portland to Bellingham to get plants with high in the ground survival rates at excellent prices.

Inside Passage Seeds and Native Plant Services

Inside Passage Seeds and Native Plant Services, Port Townsend, WA–offers seeds of around 200 Northwest native tree, shrub, wildlflower and grass species. Seeds are offered both by-the-packet, and in bulk amounts by the ounce or pound. All seeds are sourced from west of the Cascade Crest and originateprimarily in counties bordering the Salish Sea including parts of British Columbia and SE Alaska.

Methow Natives Nursery

Methow Natives Nursery, Winthrop, WA- Offers a wide range of container grown, source identified natives from the Methow watershed. These plants are acclimated to the harsh conditions of north central Washington to ensure the best results for any restoration or landscaping project.

MsK Rare and Native Plant Nursery

MsK Rare and Native Plant Nursery at Kruckeberg Botanic Garden:20312 15th Ave NW, Shoreline, WA 98177–We have an exceptionally varied inventory of unusual species and a legacy of promoting natives in urban gardens.

Pipers Creek Nursery

Pipers Creek Nursery, Kenmore, WA–We welcome you to explore the new planting solutions using Northwest native plants in an urban setting. No active website.

Plantas Nativa LLC

Plantas Nativa LLC, Bellingham & Mt Vernon, WA- Offers native plants and seed, consultation & installation. “Everything you need for a native landscape.”

Plants of the Wild

Plants of the Wild, Tekoa, WA- Started in 1979 with a goal of providing quality native plant material for restoration and reclamation projects. Nestled deep in the heart of the Inland Northwest, we continue to grow many varieties of native grasses, forbs, shrubs and trees.

Sound Native Plants

Sound Native Plants, Olympia, WA–offers a wide selection of container-grown native trees, shrubs, herbaceous perennials, and wetland emergents.

Wildlands Nursery

Wildlands Nursery, Benton City, WA- Propagates and sells healthy, vigorous native plants that are adapted for harsh growing conditions. Our plant stock is ideal for site restoration, revegetation projects and natural landscapes.  We have plants for regions with xeric conditions, shrub-steppe high desert environments, and riparian areas. We also have plants for regions with an arid, desert-like climate transitioning to areas with rivers and other natural water sources.

Woodbrook Native Plant Nursery

Woodbrook Native Plant Nursery, Gig Harbor, WA–one of the largest retail selections of Pacific Northwest plants in the Puget Sound Region.




Annie’s Annuals

Annie’s Annuals, Richmond, CA- We are thrilled to offer one of the largest selections of California native annual wildflowers and native perennials available anywhere.

Bay Natives

Bay Natives, San Francisco, CA–We carry a wide selection of rare and endemic Bay Area native plants, plus many choice species from across the state of California: distinctive and little-known native plants for the urban landscape.

California Flora Nursery

California Flora Nursery, Fulton, CA–a small, unconventional nursery devoted to California natives and plants appropriate for our California Mediterranean climate. An exceptional diversity of offerings. Honest, intelligent and original with attention to local needs, conditions, and sustainability. Most plants are propagated and grown on-site.

Central Coast Wilds

Central Coast Wilds, Santa Cruz, CA- Our nursery team provides custom grown native plants and horticultural consultations for landscape and habitat restoration projects of all sizes.  Our work is motivated by the continuing loss of biodiversity, native species extinction, and the desertification of Western U.S. bioregions. We believe that these trends can be reversed through the application of ecological principles to land-use planning and management.

CNPS Nursery

CNPS Nursery, The Santa Clara Valley Chapter of CNPS maintains a native plant nursery on the grounds of Hidden Villa Ranch in Los Altos Hills. Volunteers propagate native plants throughout the year under the direction of Jean Struthers and Ray Deutsch. Plants are made available for sale two times a year, once in spring, and once in the fall. Proceeds from the sale are the major source of funding for all chapter activities.

Elderberry Farms Native Plant Nursery

Elderberry Farms Native Plant Nursery, Rancho Cordova, CA–The nursery is a project of the Sacramento Valley Chapter of the California Native Plant Society (CNPS) and operated entirely by volunteers.

Grow Native Nursery

Grow Native Nursery at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic, Claremount, CA-  A nonprofit retail nursery that helps support the conservation, eduation, horticulture and research efforts of Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.

Intermountain Nursery

Intermountain Nursery, Prather, CA-Has evolved through the years to become the principle grower of California Native Plants in the Central Valley area. There are over twelve demonstration gardens on the grounds highlighting native plants and other drought tolerant plants.

Las Pilitas Nursery

Las Pilitas Nursery, Escondido and Santa Margarita, CA–grows and sells rare and hard to find California native plants. We also help people bring back lost wildlife habitat and encourage healthy sustainable landscapes.

Moosa Creek Nursery

Moosa Creek Nursery, Valley Center, CA- Grows California native plants for sustainable and wildlife friendly landscapes. We have a great selection and our plants are able to thrive in even the most difficult garden environments. Our California native plants are available at many retail locations throughout San Diego County.

Native Here Nursery

Native Here Nursery, Berkeley, CA–The East Bay Chapter of the California Native Plant Society has its own nursery featuring natives from Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. This is the place to shop for local East Bay Flora.

Native Revival Nursery

Native Revival Nursery, Aptos, CA- (Mail order) We help you restore the ecology of your own backyard, creating beautiful outdoor spaces that serve humans as well as wildlife by purveying California native plants. Visit our online shop to purchase native plants or email us with any questions you may have!

RECON Native Plants

RECON Native Plants, San Diego, CA–a wholesale nursery selling hearty and healthy native plant from the southwestern US. Our plants are used in habitat restoration, mitigation and commercial and residential landscaping throughout California.

Sierra Seed Supply

Sierra Seed Supply, Greenville, CA–We collect and sell native Sierra shrub, wildflower and tree seed

The Acorn Cap

The Acorn Cap, Corona, CA–specializes in native plants of the Southern California area.

The Watershed Nursery

The Watershed Nursery, Richmond, CA- Specializing in growing native Californian plants, dedicated to improving habitat from your backyard to the Bay.


Tree of Life

Tree of Life, San Juan Capistrano, CA- The largest native plant supplier in the state, provides a means by which California’s precious flora can return to the land.  Wholesale. Retail through Casa ‘La Paz’ Plant & Book Store.

Wild Garden Farm & Nursery

Wild Garden Farm & Nursery, Petaluma, CA-  Our emphasis is propagation of multi-purpose plants for creating beautiful and functional landscaping for wildlife habitat, pollinator hedgerows, water conservation, edible landscapes, dye gardens, and herbs and perennials for Asian and Western traditional healing and culinary arts and other practical purposes.

Yerba Buena Nursery

Yerba Buena Nursery, Half Moon Bay, CA–a fine selection of California Native Plants as well as our fantastic garden consultation service and plant delivery.


Rocky Mountain


Arkansas Valley Seed

Arkansas Valley Seed Denver, CO- is a provider of seed to government agencies, municipalities, landscapers and more for a wide range of reclamation projects including forest fire recovery, range management, mining, roadside construction and residential landscaping. With a wide variety of warm- and cool-season grasses, wildflowers, forbs, shrubs & trees, wetland and erosion control products, Arkansas Valley Seed has your native and reclamation seed needs covered.

Buffalo Brand Seed

Buffalo Brand Seed, Greeley, CO- Specializing in high quality wildflowers, shrubs, alfalfas, native grasses, forage grasses, turf grasses, small grains, annual forages and custom mixes.

Creekside Tree Nursery

Creekside Tree Nursery, Boulder–Big trees and large shrubs, however, we also have the regular or “smaller-sized” trees and shrubs that many of our customers are looking for.

Granite Seed Company

Granite Seed Company, Denver, CO- One of the largest and most respected provider of reclamation & conservation seed and erosion control products in North America. As a vertically integrated company, we understand every critical aspect of the business: seed production and collection; seed cleaning and conditioning; complex seed blending; ecological expertise; and reliable distribution and delivery.

Harlequin’s Gardens

Harlequin’s Gardens, Boulder, CO– specializes in Colorado-adapted plants: hardy own-root roses, xeriscape plants, natives, perennials, shrubs, herbs, rock garden plants and disease-resistant trees.

Southwest Seeds

Southwest Seeds, Dolores, CO-For over thirty years Southwest Seed has been growing along with the environmental and reclamation movements in order to give our customers the very best in products, information and full service.We grow over 40 different grass and wildflower species.

Western Native Seed

Western Native Seed, Coaldale, CO–specializes in seeds of plants which are native to the Rocky Mountains, western Great Plains, and adjacent areas.

Wilmore Outdoor Living Center

Wilmore Outdoor Living Center, 711 E. County Line Rd, Littleton, CO 80122–When you buy a plant from Wilmore, you are buying a plant that is known to grow well in our climate. We rely on Colorado State University plant trials and other plant data to select plants that will be successful in your garden.


Blackfoot Native Plant Nursery

Blackfoot Native Plant Nursery, Potomac, MT–Wholesale nursery growing native plants from Montana and the Rocky Mountain West. All plants are grown out-of-doors at 4,000′ from hand-collected seeds and cuttings, so you know they are healthy and hardy. We can help you find the right plant for the right place!

Blake Nursery

Blake Nursery, 316 Otter Creek Road, Big Timber, MT 59011 our goal is to add joy to your everyday life by offering a large selection of beautiful, hardy plants, and creating enjoyable, sustainable, outdoor spaces. Blake Nursery has had a long standing love affair with Montana native plants, and the more we see and learn about them, the more intense our devotion.

Center for Native Plants

 Center for Native Plants, Whitefish, MT- Flathead Valley’s only retail native plant nursery. We grow a diverse collection of plants—over 120 different species of wildflowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees—that are native to Montana and the intermountain northwest region.

Great Bear Natives

Great Bear Natives, Hamilton, MT–the wholesale division of Great Bear Restoration providing high quality, native plants to retail nurseries and landscape contractors in the Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, and Sagebrush Steppe Regions. We work with both retailers and landscape designers to promote theuse of native plants and incorporate them into designs ranging from public works projects to backyard makeovers.

Native Ideals Seed Farm

Native Ideals Seed Farm, Arlee, MT- Native Ideals Seed Farm grows high-quality, native wildflower seeds that save water, conserve pollinators, and improve wildlife habitat. We grow and harvest all our seeds on our farm in western Montana.  We established our fields with seed we collected from healthy, wild Montana plant populations. These wild origins are preserved through growing techniques and harvesting methods aimed at maintaining their natural resiliency and wild traits.  By focusing on xeric species, we believe our products will only become more relevant as fresh water becomes increasingly scarce over the next century and more people continue to draw on this finite resource.

Native Seed Foundation

Native Seed Foundation, Polson, MT- We take great pride in providing quality seed for projects of all scales. The joy in our work comes from constantly learning about the gift of plants & knowing that we are supplying the groundwork for amazing projects like yours We are glad we found each other, time to cross pollinate.

Nature’s Enhancement, Inc.

Nature’s Enhancement, Inc., Stevensville, MT–Our experienced staff of nursery and landscape professionals is pleased to offer native and hardy plant selections and custom installations to the Rocky Mountain region.

Westscape Wholesale Nursery

Westscape Wholesale Nursery, Belgrade, MT–Wholesale. We specialize in the propagation of hardy native plant material adapted to our region’s harsh environmental conditions. All of our plant material is locally grown and overwintered outdoors!


Cactus Joe’s Blue Diamond Nursery

Cactus Joe’s Blue Diamond Nursery– The garden center and nursery has a huge variety of native Arizona and Nevada plants, including a colorful array of cacti, ococtillo, yucca, agave and more.

North Dakota

Towner State Nursery

Towner State Nursery, Towner, ND- The only conifer (evergreen) seedling nursery in North Dakota. The NDSU-North Dakota Forest Service operates the 160-acre facility. It has been operating since 1951, annually producing one million conservation trees. The trees are produced to meet the needs of North Dakota citizens, and are used primarily in shelterbelts, living snow fences, wildlife block plantings, and other conservation plants. The nursery grows both bare-root and container trees.

South Dakota

Millborn Seeds

Millborn Seeds, 1335 Western Avenue, Brookings, SD 57006–Jason Tronbak,Conservation Specialist at Millborn Seeds, walks your field and analyzes aerial photos and soil maps to formulate the most intelligent fit in terms of grass seed species and variety. Jason also works with your project to ensure your seed investment achieves optimum returns via proper drill calibration, perfect paperwork and next day delivery.


Dryland Horticulture

Dryland Horticulture, 1759 Garfield Ave., Salt Lake City, Ut 84108–We specialize in plants from the Intermountain Region, specifically Utah Natives.

Granite Seed Company

Granite Seed Company, Lehi, UT- One of the largest and most respected provider of reclamation & conservation seed and erosion control products in North America. As a vertically integrated company, we understand every critical aspect of the business: seed production and collection; seed cleaning and conditioning; complex seed blending; ecological expertise; and reliable distribution and delivery.

Great Basin Natives

Great Basin Natives, Holden, UT–We grow plants that are native to the Great Basin and surrounding areas. The Great Basin covers most of NV, a large part of UT, parts of ID, WY, OR, and CA.

Grow Wild Nursery

Grow Wild Nursery, 372 East 2100 South, Salt Lake City,UT, 84115– our mission is to help Wasatch Front residents understand how to plan a smarter landscape using plants that are native to Utah, to help create an awareness of our native plant communities as well as practical uses for native plants in the urban landscape.

High Mountain Nursery

High Mountain Nursery, Draper, UT–High Mountain Nursery raises low-cost seedlings for conservation purposes. Presently, the nursery produces one million seedlings yearly on the 35-acre farm located in Draper, Utah. Our plant list includes more than 90 species of native and adapted trees, shrubs, grasses and wetland plants. This diverse list includes plants for restoration, conservation, and enhancement.

Springcreek Native Nursery

Springcreek Native Nursery, Heber City, UT– is located in the Heber Valley at an elevation of 5,600 feet. We have provided hardy, locally grown, native plant materials for over 15 years. This includes the first ever collection of local native seed stock from nearby environments.

Stevenson Intermountain Seed, Inc.

Stevenson Intermountain Seed, Inc., Ephraim, UT- Since 1976 for over 41 years, Stevenson Seed has developed to become a leader in providing a complete selection of premium quality, site and purpose adapted seed, for land restoration and improvement projects throughout the western U.S.

Wildflowers Unlimited

Wildflowers Unlimited, Hildale UT 84784-2114–Your source for top quality Utah native wildflower seeds and information for drought-tolerant and water wise landscaping.

Wildland Nursery

Wildland Nursery, 370 East 600 North, Joseph, Utah 84739–At Wildland Nursery, we raise native plants and wildflowers from seeds that have been collected from this region. We grow them in the heart of the Intermountain west, so when they are ready to grace your garden, they are already acclimated to our extreme weather conditions and alkaline soils.


Wyoming Plant Company

Wyoming Plant Company, Casper, WY–The plants we sell are proven winners in Wyoming; some are native while others come from similar locations from around the world and we consider them to be adapted. Our passion is providing you the best in high country plants for your landscape needs.



Biophilia Native Nursery

Biophilia Native Nursery, Elberta, AL–offers hummingbird and butterfly attracting plants, beach wildflowers and sea oats, Venus fly traps, pitcher plants and other carnivorous plants, and other beautiful, unusual, or ancient native species.

White City Nursery

White City Nursery, Verbena, AL- (Trees) We strive for the highest quality seedlings and transplant survivability possible. We attain this by attention to detail, in the methods we use to plant, grow and harvest.


Holland Wildflower Farms

Holland Wildflower Farms, Elkins, AR–a regional supplier of wild flower seeds. The company began as a nursery business in 1985 by Bob and Julie Holland, ecologists by training, later specializing in botany and plant pathology. We have been experimenting with native and naturalized plants from seed for 23 years. It is our goal to provide quality wild flower seed and introduce new seed varieties for use in naturalizing gardens.

Ozark Wildflower Company

Ozark Wildflower Company, Jasper AR-We are a small nursery located in the Ozarks near Jasper, AR. A wide variety of over 200 native and ornamental perennials are offered with all plants being seed propagated. Contact nursery by phone or e-mail for scheduled appointment. 870-446-5629

Pine Ridge Gardens

Pine Ridge Gardens, London, AR–we produce quality native plants as well as some selected ornamentals. Our listings of native plants represent species that are found in many states from Texas to Wisconsin and from Maine to Florida and all in between. All of our plants are nursery propagated.

White River Nursery

White River Nursery, Fayetteville, AR– We specialize in native plants that thrive in the extremes of the Ozarks. Our goal is to offer personal service and high quality plants and materials for home gardeners, landscapers, and contractors.


Deep South Native Nurseries

Deep South Native Nurseries, North Fort Myers, FL–Wholesale, specializes in Southwest Florida native plants grown from locally collected seeds. We grow native trees, wildflowers, flowering shrubs, and assorted woody ornamentals.

Florida Association of Native Nurseries–Growing

Florida Association of Native Nurseries–Growing, planting and promoting Florida native plants for sustainable landscapes, statewide network of more than 100 nurseries, environmental and landscape firms to serve you.

Florida Native Plants Nursery

Florida Native Plants Nursery, Sarasota, FL- Let us help you make a plan & choose those plants that will thrive with minimal care & add life to your landscape. You will have the joy of creating an aesthetically pleasing, life affirming, environmentally sensitive place to live.

Florida Wildflower Seed Cooperative

Florida Wildflower Seed Cooperative, Crescent City, FL–A group of Florida wildflower producers, working in conjunction with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences and the Florida Wildflower Foundation is developing strategies to increase Florida’s native plant acreage and seed production to better meet the demand for native species.

Green Isle Gardens Native Plants

Green Isle Gardens Native Plants, Groveland, FL–Florida native uplands plants and native plants that are useful and attractive to wildlife.

Mail Order Natives

Mail Order Natives, Lee, FL – We have provided native plants to wonderful people across the USA for 15 years. That is our mission! We also would like you to know our plants are NEVER collected from the wild. We grow all of our plants from seed or cuttings in our own facility.

Maple Street Natives

Maple Street Natives, 7619 Henry Ave, West Melbourne FL 32904–Brevard County’s first native nursery (est. 1987) and remains the only wholesale Brevard nursery exclusively dedicated to Florida native plants.

Native & Uncommon Plants

Native & Uncommon Plants–We offer varieties of plants which help gardeners restore local habitats by using eco-friendly species.

Native Choice Nursery

Native Choice Nursery, 7401 Tropical World Way, Boynton Beach, FL 33470–born out of a desire to bring a selection of as many South Florida native plants as possible to individual homeowners that are seeking to bring back a bit of nature to their landscapes.

Native Gardens Nursery

Native Gardens Nursery, 1660 County Road 13a S, Elkton, FL 32033–We offer quality native trees, shrubs, flowering plants and economical ground-covers to transform your yard into a sustainable, wildlife-friendly landscape.

Native Nurseries

Native Nurseries, Tallahassee, FL- We educate, inspire and assist people in our community to manage their lands, yards and gardens to benefit native wildlife and to promote awareness of the interrelationships of all living things. We work towards this goal by promoting the use of native plants, offering classes and workshops on nature and gardening.

Native Nurseries of Tallahassee

Native Nurseries of Tallahassee, Tallahassee, FL.To educate, inspire & assist people in our community to preserve, manage & develop their lands, yards and gardens to benefit native wildlife and to promote public awareness of the interrelationships of all living things.

Pine Forest Fruit & Flower Farm

Pine Forest Fruit & Flower Farm, North Fort Myers, FL–A supplier of Florida Native Plant Seeds & Plants, Tropical Plants & Seeds, Butterfly Plants & Seeds.

Plant Real Florida

Plant Real Florida–Add native plants to your landscape and bring home the beauty of real Florida.

Superior Trees

Superior Trees, Lee, FL–Wholesale native plant nursery

Sweetbay Nursery

Sweetbay Nursery, Parrish, FL -One of the premier Florida native plant nurseries located in northern Manatee County serving Central Florida since 1995. We specialize in native butterfly  and wildlife plants, perennial wildflowers, shrubs, trees, ferns and grasses. Our services also include native garden design and installation.

Trillium Gardens

Trillium Gardens, Tallahassee, FL–Specialize in trees, scrubs and wildflowers native to the North Florida and deep south regions of Alabama and Georgia. Special interest in native azaleas and companion plants. Please inquire for complete plant list.

Twigs N Leaves

Twigs N Leaves, St. Petersburg, FL -specializing in native Florida plants, trees and flowers and also carries environmentally friendly organic soils, fertilizers and pesticides. We also provide consultation, habitat design and installation services.

Wilcox Nursery

Wilcox Nursery, Largo, FL-Large selection of Florida native plants located in the Tampa Bay area. As part of our commitment to the restoration of Florida’s natural heritage, we’ve prepared a selection of plants that can work in any environment, from the coastal area to the tree canopy shaded landscapes.


Native Forest Nursery

Native Forest Nursery, South Chatsworth, GA- Specializing in the propagation and growth of Native Trees and Shrubs and offering over 50 different species

Nearly Native Nursery

Nearly Native Nursery, Fayetteville, Ga- We are a specialty nursery that promotes, sells, and propagates native plants for all types of landscapes. We offer a wide variety of native plant life not found in your typical garden center.

Night Song Native Plant Nursery

Night Song Native Plant Nursery, Canton, GA- We are working to build a more sustainable native plant nursery & educate the public about the importance native plants .  Open by appointment.

Rock Spring Farm

Rock Spring Farm, Atlanta, GA-We grow plants native to the southeastern United states. All of our plants are ecotypes grown from seed, spores or cuttings collected using sustainable methods.

Southern Native Plantings

Southern Native Plantings, Newington, GA- We are a wholesale container nursery that grows native plants.

Thompson’s Garden Retail

Thompson’s Garden Retail, Brooklet, GA -Excellent variety of plants for the Atlantic Coastal Plains.  All kinds of native plants.  Family owned and operated.

Vincent Gardens

Vincent Gardens, Douglas, GA- Mail order.  Specializing in providing native plants that attract hummingbirds and butterflies.


Almost Eden Plant

Almost Eden Plants, At Almost Eden we specialize in beautiful, unusual, and hard to find plants.

Harb’s Oasis

Harb’s Oasis, Baton Rouge, LA- We have been serving the area since 1979 and carry a number of native trees, shrubs and perennial wildflowers.

Maypop Hill Nursery

Maypop Hill Nursery specializes in native plants of the Southeast, as well as fruit and vegetable plants that grow well in the humid South. We sell our plants at the local community market in Clinton, Louisiana. Several times a year we attend garden shows in South Louisiana.


Meadowmakers–We design, build and manage native wildflower and grassland habitats in Mississippi and Louisiana. We provide hand collected ecosystem-specific seed mixes for clients interested in incorporating native wildflowers and grasses into the landscape.


Regional Native Plant Nursery for Habitat Restoration

Regional Native Plant Nursery for Habitat Restoration, Regional Native Plant Nursery for Habitat Restoration–There are presently no readily available sources of native coastal plants within the state. This nursery aims to provide a local supply of these plants for restoration projects to reduce the impacts of damage or loss of marsh acreage.

The Mississippi Native Wildflower Conservation Program

The Mississippi Native Wildflower Conservation Program is a statewide effort to both preserve and distribute wildflowers native to Mississippi. Most of Mississippi’s 82 Soil & Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs), have joined in this effort by becoming the supply source for groups and organizations, as well as the general public, to obtain native wildflower and grass seeds.

North Carolina

See this List on North Carolina Native Plant Society’s website.

Carolina Greenery

Carolina Greenery, West End, NC- Our specialty is propagating & growing a diversity of both significant & unique plant species that occur within the natural plant communities of the Piedmont, the Carolina Sandhills & the Southeastern Coastal Plain. We also custom grow for large or special projects.

Carolina Heritage Nursery

Carolina Heritage Nursery, Waxhaw, NC- Providing a variety of native trees, shrubs, perennials and vines for the Carolina Piedmont. By appointment. 704/877-6934  carolinaheritagenursery  Facebook

Carolina Native Nursery

Carolina Native Nursery, Burnsville, NC–a specialty grower of native shrubs and perennials. We are currently growing over 180 different species with many cultivars.

Cure Nursery

Cure Nursery, Pittsboro, NC–a small nursery which has, since 1994, provided native trees and shrubs in containers to the regional storm water and stream restoration markets, and which now is expanding its species list to includeperennials as well.

Gardens of the Blue Ridge

Gardens of the Blue Ridge, Newland, NC– Carrying on the original vision from 1892 we grow and supply common and hard to find native plants, as well as offering seed mixes and a number of native orchids.

Lumber River Native Plants

Lumber River Native Plants, –a wholesale nursery specializing in native wetland plants of the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States. We provide a diverse selection of native plants for use in wetland mitigation, stream restoration, stormwater management, and native landscaping projects. Most of our plants are grown from seed that we collect throughout the Carolinas.

Mellow Marsh Farm

Mellow Marsh Farm, Siler City, NC–specializes in the propagation of wetland plants native to the Southeast. Our plants are grown from seed collected in the Carolinas and Virginia. We focus on providing plant material and native seed mixes that meet specifications for: Wetland mitigation, Stream restoration, Storm water management, Rain gardens., Rain gardens.” target=”_blank”>Mellow Marsh Farm, Siler City, NC–specializes in the propagation of wetland plants native to the Southeast. Our plants are grown from seed collected in the Carolinas and Virginia. We focus on providing plant material and native seed mixes that meet specifications for: Wetland mitigation, Stream restoration, Storm water management, Rain gardens.

Native Roots Nursery

Native Roots Nursery, Clinton, NC–a wholesale nursery specializing in growing quality containerized native trees and shrubs. Our container sizes offered range from one gallon up to seven gallon one inch caliper trees.

Niche Gardens

 Niche Gardens, Chapel Hill, NC -Mail-order and retail nursery. We specialize in nursery-propagated wildflowers and natives, perennials, ornamental grasses and some unusual trees and shrubs.

Red Root Native Nursery

Red Root Native Nursery, Asheville, NC–We specialize in propagating native shrubs and perennials of the southern Appalachian woodlands. Our stock is primarily seed propagated, on occasion propagated from rooted cuttings or division of rhizomes, and never collected from the wild.

Southeastern Native Plant Nursery

Southeastern Native Plant Nursery, Asheville, NC–wholesale native plant nursery. We specialize in woody and herbaceous plants native to the southeast and east coast.

South Carolina

Carolina Wild Native Plant Nursery

Carolina Wild Native Plant Nursery, Anderson, SC–We specialize in perennials native to South Carolina and surrounding areas. We work to propagate over 100 species of plants.

Natural Natives

Natural Natives, Seneca, SC- A family owned nursery specializing in the production of Southeastern native plants. All of our plants are nursery propagated and grown. By purchasing nursery propagated native plants you can help prevent the harvesting of wild populations of native plants for the nursery trade.

Naturescapes of Beaufort

Naturescapes of Beaufort, SC–200 different species of native and heirloom plants which are perfectly adapted for Coastal South Carolina. We propagate almost all of our native plants from local wild populations we found in fields, swamps, marshes, flatwoods and dunes.

Southern Heritage Nursery

Southern Heritage Nursery, Greer, SC–We specialize in trees and shrubs that are native to the Southeast.


Woodlanders, Aiken, SC–Rare plants, native and exotic.


GroWild Native Plant Nursery

GroWild Native Plant Nursery, 7190 Hill Hughes Rd, Fairview, TN 37062–We are an all native plant nursery, consult, design, build firm. We grow over 950 species and cultivars of native to the United States plants with concentration on the Central South.

Nashville Natives

Nashville Natives, Fairview, TN–Native plants for environmental restoration and Tennessee gardens.

Overhill Gardens Native Plant Nursery

Overhill Gardens Native Plant Nursery, Vonore, TN–our mission is to model and encourage beautiful and sustainable landscapes by providing high quality, nursery-propagated native plants and design/build services for natural gardening and habitat development.

Sunlight Gardens

Sunlight Gardens, Andersonville, TN- A small, family-owned native tree nursery founded and run by the husband and wife team Marty Zenni and Andrea (Andy) Sessions. Since 1983, we have been growing and propagating wildflowers, ferns, vines, and shrubs that are native or naturalized to the eastern United States for mail order, retail, and wholesale customers.

Sunlight Gardens Wildflowers

Sunlight Gardens Wildflowers, Andersonville, TN–mail order source for wildflowers, ferns, vines, and shrubs of eastern North America. We grow hardy, robust plants that are entirely nursery propagated. They will beautify your gardens and support a diversity of wildlife.

Tennessee Naturescapes

Tennessee Naturescapes, Clinton, TN– a small, privately owned, native plant nursery in east Tennessee. We specialize in native trees, shrubs, & wildflowers.



Desert Gardens Nursery

Desert Gardens Nursery, 21222 North Cave Creek RoadPhoenix, AZ 85024–a full service garden center specializing in native & arid plant material from around the world! It “Is” possible to garden in the desert of Arizona! That’s what we are here to help you do.

Desert Survivors Native Plant Nursery

Desert Survivors Native Plant Nursery, Tuscon, AZ–We grow well over 400 species of bioregional plants. We have chosen to define bioregional as plants which are native to within 500 miles of Tucson. This allows us to grow plants from the Sonoran Desert, Chihuahuan Desert, and Mohave Desert, although our primary focus is on plants native to southern Arizona.

Flagstaff Native Plant & Seed

Flagstaff Native Plant & Seed, Flagstaff, AZ–dedicated to providing native plants, sustainable landscaping, and restoration services for Northern Arizona. Our retail nursery and production facility are located in Flagstaff. We also specialize in site specific propagate collection and growing for Northern Arizona and Colorado Plateau restoration projects.

Granite Seed Company

Granite Seed Company, Tempe, AZ- One of the largest and most respected provider of reclamation & conservation seed and erosion control products in North America. As a vertically integrated company, we understand every critical aspect of the business: seed production and collection; seed cleaning and conditioning; complex seed blending; ecological expertise; and reliable distribution and delivery.

Spadefoot Nursery

Spadefoot Nursery, Tucson, AZ- Our mission is more than just selling plants. Spadefoot aims to help you create a safe space in your own corner of the world for the wild to exist; whether you live in the desert, foothills, or in an urban area. We also provide heirloom vegetables and herbs.

New Mexico

Curtis & Curtis Seed

Curtis & Curtis Seed,Clovis, NM- Supplier of native grass and wildflower seeds.

High Country Gardens

High Country Gardens, Santa Fe, NM–beautiful plants for the waterwise garden and xeriscaping.

Osuna Nursery

Osuna Nursery, Albuquerque, NM- We strive to foster an appreciation of nature & earth, offer exceptional service with the widest selection of quality products & accurate advice leading to success in growing. Our wish is to enrich the lives of our customers, staff & community through all things green. The Osuna Team is dedicated to preserve & protect the environment because life should be beautiful for generations to come.

Plants of the Southwest

Plants of the Southwest, Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM- Our stores in Albuquerque and Santa Fe have plants and SEEDS and folks to greet you. Online, we sell only seeds of native plants–grasses, wildflowers, shrubs and trees. Also seeds of veggies and cover crops.

Santa Ana Native Plant and Tree Nursery

Santa Ana Native Plant and Tree Nursery, Pueblo of Santa Ana, NM- (Wholesale) Our nursery produces more than 250 species of plants. These include herbaceous perennials, annuals and biennials; herbs, grasses, trees, shrubs and vines; and vegetable transplants.



Grasslander, Hennessey, OK- We provide wildlife prairie seed mixes and native prairie seed planting equipment.

Grogg’s Green Barn

Grogg’s Green Barn, Tulsa, OK– Grogg’s Green Barn is Tulsa’s first Organically Focused and Native Plant Garden Center. With that comes a big responsibility of offering a wide variety of products, plants and ideas for our customer’s garden and home, or a client’s commercial landscape.

Johnston Seed Co.

Johnston Seed Co., Enid, OK- Provides Native grasses and wildflower seed.

Lorenz’s O.K. Seeds

Lorenz’s O.K. Seeds, Okeene, OK- No matter how large or small your project, from commercial growers, farmers & home gardeners, to ecological restoration & bio fuel projects… we have the seed you need.

Prairie Wind Nursery

Prairie Wind Nursery, Norman, OK -Specialty nursery, providing high quality, home-grown culinary herbs for the kitchen garden, and native plants, prairie grasses, herbaceous perennials, ground covers and succulents for the garden and landscapes.

Wild Things Nursery

Wild Things Nursery, Seminole, OK–Our goal and mission is to produce plants native to Oklahoma and/or beneficial to wildlife. We have a special emphasis on plants which support butterflies, moths and other pollinators. We are a small Oklahoma nursery without a brick and mortar location, we sell through farmer’s markets and herb shows.


Bamert Seed Company

Bamert Seed Company, Muleshoe, TX- We offer a variety of native grasses, forbs, and legumes that are well suited for wildlife habitat and prairie restoration unlike some introduced species that may require special management. Our native seeds are well adapted to a region’s soil and climate; furthermore, thriving on the resources provided by the environment.

Barton Springs Nursery

Barton Springs Nursery, Austin, TX–Since 1986 we’ ve taken pride in offering one of the best selections of native plants in Central Texas. The majority of our plants grow right here in the nursery, where they become acclimated to our soil,water and climate.

Black Mountain Gardens

Black Mountain Gardens, Daingerfield, TX–a retail nursery specializing in natives, heirlooms and herbs.

Buchanan’s Native Plants

Buchanan’s Native Plants, 611 E 11th Street Houston, TX 77008–Located in the historic Houston Heights, our garden center features one of the best selections of hardy native Texas plants and organic gardening supplies around.

Medina Garden Nursery

Medina Garden Nursery,13417 State Highway 16 N, 78055 Medina, TX- Both a nursery and a native-plant garden selling hundreds of native plants.  830-589-2771

Native American Seed

Native American Seed, Junction, TX-Planting native seeds is one small, but important step in safeguarding the web of life. Many sensible people are now enjoying the adventure, discovery and benefits that come with taking an active role in ecological landscape restoration. Our staff invite you to Shop for Natives and explore the full pallet of native wildflowersgrasses, unique conservancy species and mixes. Native American Seed is committed to preventing the spread of invasive species.

Natives of Texas

Natives of Texas, 4256 Medina Hwy, Kerrville, TX 78028–Wholesale and Retail. Hill Country Natives. Xeriscape plants. Specializes in Texas native plants, with an emphasis on madrones, a beautiful Texas native tree.

Rohde’s Organic Native Plant Nursery

Rohde’s Organic Native Plant Nursery, Garland, TX–We carry trees, shrubs, perennials, and ground covers that are native to the Texas landscape. These plant materials generally require less maintenance, are more disease resistant and can be quite drought tolerant because they are indigenous to the area. We are a great resource for these sometimes ‘ hard to find’ plants!

Shades of Green

Shades of Green, Frisco, TX- We specialize in organics, native and well-adapted plants and trees to make the most of your gardening time and budget.

Stuart Nursery

Stuart Nursery, 2317 Fort Worth Highway, Weatherford, TX 76087–We specialize in Texas native plants for your residence, office, or ranch. Stop by and see our tremendous selection of native and traditional plants or consult with one of our landscape experts.

Wichita Valley Landscape

Wichita Valley Landscape, Wichita Falls, TX- We strive to produce most of our nursery stock ourselves. Each year we collect seed and make cuttings from plants found in the local area. We believe we can gain the advantage of having superior genetics by doing this. When we buy plants for resale we buy from from local growers in Texas and Oklahoma.

Wright’s Nursery

Wright’s Nursery, Briggs, TX- We specialize in native and adapted plants.  Primarily a wholesaler, we also sell retail.