“Native plants have been associated with native insect communities over thousands… millions of years. They have had plenty of time to develop specialized relationships. Non-native plants are new comers to our ecosystems. There’s been no time for evolutionary interactions to occur. So the specialization, that really is nature, hasn’t occurred.”

Dr. Douglas Tallamy, Hometown Habitat, Stories of Bringing Nature Home

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10 Reasons to Plant Native Plants

  1. Create biodiversity, living landscapes.
  2. Support lifecycle of native insects.
  3. Attract & support local and migrating birds.
  4. Deep root systems build soil, hold it against erosion, and clean water.
  5. Attract & support butterflies, moths, skippers and other pollinators.
  6. Drought tolerance helps reduce water usage when established in correct soil conditions.
  7. Low maintenance includes eliminating the need for fertilizers.
  8. Provide shelter and food for wildlife.
  9. Beautiful colors, textures and wildlife activity provide endless enjoyment.
  10. Provide a sense of place because each ecosystem is unique. Native plants are what make Florida be “Florida”, Colorado be “Colorado” or Michigan be “Michigan.”

Defining native plants and building biodiversity. Video clip from Hometown Habitat